Monday, June 1, 2009

A welcome water source - the Whitewater River

Be Hope

May 30th

What was I thinking going out on a backpack to Big Bear when the temperature has been 100 degrees?

What was I thinking carrying a new, lighter weight (this means less frame structure) backpack on a trip when I had no idea how the pack would carry the extra water we needed and how my back would do? Oh, do I miss my McHale pack.

Be Hope and I hiked 18 miles today. We gained 5100 feet and descended 3100 feet. In case it doesn't register that's a hell of a lot of climbing and downhill.

At the Whitewater River (10 miles into hike)I started to feel real hot and extremely weak.

In the next mile, climbing to Tailwinds' favorite ridge, I knew I was sick from heat exhaustion. I just wanted to go to sleep. I've had this condition 2 other times - once with StoneDancer past Warner Springs. After taking two short breaks and not feeling better, I wanted to bail and have Ray pick me up.

Be Hope was great. He thought of all kind of options but first suggested we find shade (hadn't been ANY shade). After a 2.5 hour shade stop, and a nap, and somethoing to eat even though I didn't want to eat, I felt better.

We started hiking at 5:50am when Ray dropped us off at the PCT trailhead at the I-10 underpass. We ended our day at 5:45pm.

The good news:

I was able to keep hiking.

No blisters.

Plenty of water to drink tonight.

I found out what a good, thoughtful, caring partner Be Hope is.

I'm clean from the stream-side Mission Creek bath I had.

Tomorrow is Ray and my 19th wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary Baby Cakes.

The bad news:

I have my car keys with me. How is Jason going to wash my car Monday?

One of my Aqua Mira bottles is empty. I am using my partner's Steri Pen to treat my water.

I forgot Advil.

My campsite up Mission Creek. I eventually went in the tent for the night as the mosquitoes came out.

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pcthiker said...

I love the Whitewater! It is such an oasis. I ran out of water in 2003 between the Pink Motel and the Whitewater. Got disoriented. Salami gave me a quart of water and I made it to that cold, fast stream. Soaked for a very long time. Sweet, sweet water.

All is good. Except. You forgot the Advil! No vitamin I!

Walk well. J J