Thursday, June 18, 2009

Discipline, Structure, and Commitment = Consistency.

I have avoided structure, discipline and commitment most of my life. I feared it. Hated it. And did what I wanted, when I wanted and how I wanted.

In the last twenty years I have made friends with structure, discipline and commitment beginning December 22, 1995 when I became accountable to a woman who is my sponsor. Evidence of consistency by being accountable to another person is all around me. I just don't always pay attention to it.

Today I noticed I've posted 366 entries in this blog. I looked back and found my first post - September 26, 2007. Not bad. Yes, I intended to post every day, but I'm thrilled that I posted rather consistently over the last 1 year, 8 months and 18 days.

This awareness of how consistent I've been with my blog started me thinking about where else I've been consistent.

Here is a beginning list off the top of my head: (As I become aware of other areas of consistency, I'll add them here.)

  1. I have not had any alcohol since August 28, 1987.
  2. I have been married to Ray since May 31st, 1990.
  3. I met my friend and financial adviser LR and we've have had a life changing relationship since September 5, 1997. So not only did I gain a great friend, I have been financially responsible.
  4. I have daily committed what I eat to a friend and have not had any sugar or white flour since December 4, 2008.....that's 199 DAYS!!!!!!!!!
Any help on where you might see my consistency in action is welcome.

Some photos taken the last few days......

I'm putting on the 12th hold of the Palmer Course here at Mission Hills CC around 6pm. My favorite time to one is on the course and the light is incredible.

View of Mt. San Jacinto while playing golf on the Pete Dye course another day last week.

Ray was speaking at a meeting last Saturday night and we'd arrived early. While driving around the neighborhood we noticed these coyotes crossing the street.

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Katya said...

LOVE THIS!!! Hey how about all the things you committed to and did (photography, back packing, and I am sure a million other things). Also, what about how you've changed - the last 3 or so years, learning to ask for what you want and need? That takes consistency, right?
Thanks for passing the freedom on.