Friday, June 5, 2009

Off to Woman 2 Woman

In an hour I leave for a weekend workshop with lots of my friends.

At 9:30 this morning I had a golf lesson with Mike, a golf pro who teaches the
PROS! He says that I will be able to play golf and not hurt my back. I was hitting balls like never before. Now I need to make notes of all he taught me so I don't forget. I'm so happy.

Then my friend, who lives out of state, back east, is male etc., etc., (I was told not to mention his name) sent me some notes he made following a conversation we'd had yesterday on the topic of fear.
"1.In fear there are no rewards nor punishment simply consequences…in overcoming fears there are simply rewards.
2. Fear is indifferent, it does not care about being good or bad, fair or unfair, it is not personal…it just hates to be banished as demonstrated by its capability of "hanging around" or "changing shape".
3. Fear is habitual and can be taught, yet is unpleasant to be around if never learned.
4. Fear fends to be sequential, a leads to b leads to c leads to d. But d is never feared first nor can it lead back to a. The tour bus gets you to d as it would seem totally illogical to go there directly. Example of D…. "and then I will be pushing a shopping cart down the street muttering to myself about having no where to live or shower". Could start with A…."oh the market was down today".
5. Fear while seemingly large and powerful can be diminished with smiles, laughter, and conversation with another.

And the main thing about fear is all the pluses are on the other side."

Gottago. I'm late to pick up the ladies.

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