Tuesday, June 23, 2009

American Junior Golf Players at Mission Hills CC.

Ray volunteers each year at this AJG tournament. His job is the timer at the 16th hole of the Dinah Shore course.

Following the golf, we attended the dinner at the Club where the volunteers, MHCC members, AJG officials, the young golfers and their parents all gather. After dinner the junior golfers all go outside for their traditional water balloon fight. I missed it. Damn. But I did go outside and take some of these photos of the kids.

This photo was taken while everyone was in the buffett dinner line. These young players were very busy behind us on their cell phones playing some game that had them all giggling. Of course I was curious and after a bit asked if I could take their photo.

L>R Michelle Yang - shot a 74 , Demi Frances Runas - shot a 77, Rochelle Chan - shot a 77,
and Alison Lee shot a 74.

Michael Weaver, on the far left, was low scorer with a 65!
They are all looking left because another water fight had just occured.
I overheard these young girls excited about some text message that had just come through on one of their phones. The girl in the pink shirt is holding up the phone from the other girl.
And more phone related goings on. Almost every girl had a phone in their hands. I asked if they take photos of each other while they are playing and email them to their blogs. They said, "Yes."

We had fun.

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Susan Lowery said...

What a great time Linda, watching the up and comings!

Our future champions!