Sunday, June 7, 2009

Home from the W2W weekend.

I'm just back from a wonderful weekend at Woman To Woman in Brentwood. There were about 25 or more of our family lineage of friends who attended this workshop weekend. We laughed. We were silly. We shared. We ate. I hiked with Tina Saturday morning and Gina Sunday morning. I must say I think this was my favorite year of all the 17 or so years I've been attending the all women weekend workshop. Why was it the best year? Probably because I was in the now, I was ok with me, I was ok with everyone else, I didn't feel the need to do anything but what I wanted to do. In essence, I was not in care taking mode. I was there for myself. I even took a, the nap took me. I passed out once my head hit the pillow around 2pm.....until Sandi came in my room to enter her room through our shared bathroom because she had locked her room door.

I enjoyed all the women I know and love who attended this year. I watched them all, young and older (20's to 70's!), have a good time with each other. Age wasn't a factor in who spent time with whom. I was a happy mom. A proud mom. Not to brag, but I have the best family of friends and on down the family lineage ever. Sorry if this reference to family and family lineage doesn't make sense to some of you reading my blog. I am trying to not reveal too much about how we all know each other. Anonymity you know.

So I bought a new Canon Lens. I took the photos below with this lens. I am not familiar with how to use the lens and not real clear what it does. I'm just shooting away trying to become familiar with it. I wish Carol Leigh lived closer. I do much better when someone is explaining things to me or I watch what they are doing.

Anyway, whether the photos are good or not, aren't these ladies the most BEAUTIFUL ladies ever! Antonia wins the contest of easiest to photograph. She loves the camera and is completely comfortable having her photo taken. In the future, when I hopefully someday study studio lighting, I'd love to practice shooting her. I like photographing people.

Angie, Quincy, Sarah
Paula, Katya, Alima, Tina, Linda
Katya, Paula
Jaime, Katya, Antonia, Gina, Paula
Jaime, Antonia, Gina
Antonia, Gina
Annette, Milly
p.s. I'm off again tomorrow morning with Ray. We're going to Pebble Beach. Next Thursday we return home after having attended our Thursday night meeting - JTBP.


Side B said...

Loved the photos and the blog - love you more and have a fabulous time with Ray!

Susan Lowery said...

Love 'em all!


Carol Leigh said...

Ah,the beauty of an f/1.4 lens! The beauty is the incredibly shallow depth of field you get when shooting at f/1.4. Your foreground subject will be sharp and IMMEDIATELY everything behind it blends into soft focus, beautiful soft patterns, which makes your foreground subject stand out even more. Look up "bokeh" on Google and you'll quickly see what I mean. And it's fast and lightweight. Take it into a restaurant and shoot the table set-up; focus on your foreground plate and the background will glow and be totally soft. Have fun with this one! -- Carol Leigh