Saturday, March 8, 2008

Yesterday's hiking photos with my new Canon EOS 40 D

Looking west up to San Gorgonio from the mountains above the White Water River and the White Water Trout Farm.
I wish I wasn't going to miss Carol Leigh's Macro Class that starts June 15 as I really would like help with macro shots.

Off to take the Mission Hills Country Club Hiking members off for a hike in this area today. I think there will be 11 of us.

Yesterday I made sure I could park in the White Water Trout Farm parking lot. The car break-in had been on the street an 1/8th of a miles from the Trout Farm. I talked to Robert at the Trout Farm yesterday.....he is the person I had stopped to talk to when he was driving by me after my break-in last Friday. He lives in a ranch nearby and is also the manager of the Trout Farm. Robert remembered me and told me that the break-in has freaked out all the neighbors. People are now locking their doors at night. Robert did say that they have not had break-ins up there before. It was a freak incident. Great.

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