Saturday, March 1, 2008

Condolences from my photo teacher.

I have received a number of understanding and caring emails from friends regarding the loss of all my camera gear. Thank you so much.

I also received many emails from my fellow photo classmates who live with this fear daily. But I am posting an email from my photo class teacher Carol Leigh:

Linda, I'm so sorry about your gear being stolen. My heart just sank
when I read your post. You experienced something we all dread. I
remember sobbing when my house was burglarized and my camera gear
taken -- the only stuff in the house I really cared about. Another of
my students parked in front of the Strybing Arboretum in San
Francisco. She chose the gear she wanted to take in and left the rest
in her van. Someone apparently was watching. She lost not one but TWO
tilt-shift lenses, a couple camera bodies, various other lenses, etc.

The only things we can do is keep our equipment to a minimum, don't
leave it in the car, and double-check our homeowners insurance. Easy
to say. I get impatient with Chris, who INSISTS that before we arrive
at our destination we stop somewhere else first and gather together
what we think we'll need. Then when we arrive at the photo
destination, we simply exit the car and head up the path with no
hesitation. I'm going to be more patient with his OUTRAGEOUS REQUESTS
from now on. ;-)

It's just stuff. Now you'll get newer and better stuff! But I do feel
sorry for you. We all do. We've all been there. We all have the same
fears and trepidations. And our collective heart goes out to you.

Carol Leigh

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lamont said...

lj, I am so sorry to hear of the break in, but admire your style of acceptance and non-victim. Now...what kind of camera to buy????