Tuesday, March 25, 2008

One baby hummingbird has hatched today!

We have a baby outside our front door. One of Mrs. Hummingbird's eggs hatched. Ray found the baby hummingbird had come out of her shell early this morning. If you could only see us. We are like proud parents, tip toeing ever so quietly whenever we go in or out the front door. Letting anyone else who comes by to walk quietly. Mama Hummingbird doesn't like us near her young one.

At first glance baby wasn't moving and I thought it was dead. We noticed some nights Mom hadn't been sitting on her eggs. But after another peak I noticed some movement. Now 10 hours later, the other egg is still unhatched but the little black blob of a baby moves non stop, wriggling like a circle worm.

We haven't had a pet in so long. It's great caring again for our new pet birds. I hope I don't leave on my trip before the babies fly away from their nest.

More photos to follow.

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Anonymous said...

oh my goodness! how adorable!