Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tuesday in LA (Lamont, do not read further!)

Before dinner and before the meeting, we decided to kill some time shopping at the Sherman Oaks Galleria, specifically, Macy's.

While browsing the shoes, Hannah came up with an idea. "Let's each go look over the shoes, pick one shoe that best depicts who we are, and come back to share our choices with each other?"

Sounded like fun. It was fun. We all went off in different directions trying to find....not the shoe we like the best......but the shoe that best matches who we are.

Paula came back with a high wedgy Coach checkered espadrill type shoe (pictured below). Ok, seeing her choice got my juices going. I was in the I went to find MY shoe!

Paula followed and then called to me, "Here Linda. Here are sporting shoes." I wasn't finding anything I thought was like me so I went over to the sporty shoes. Someone pointed out the Taryn Rose shoes. I spotted a black flat with a raised black rose on the front. I had tried on an earlier pair of black flats in the other section and hadn't liked them. The Taryn Rose shoe fit like a glove. The feel of this leather was unbelievably soft.

I'd noticed the price of this shoe which I'm too embarrassed to mention. Previously, a couple of weeks earlier when I'd been shopping with Sandi and Alima I'd seen the price of some of the high end shoes and said, "Who would ever pay these prices, as I turned my back in disgust and walked away?"

Same place, a couple of weeks later, I sat down and tried on a pair of shoes.

I am a fast forgetter. The price hadn't been reduced! I bought the shoes. The others said, "We weren't supposed to buy the shoes!" I just giggled. There wasn't a cloud on the horizon. Did I really need a black pair of flats? Apparently so.

Hannah's choice in shoes!


Anonymous said...

Suddenly I have the strongest desire to go to that FABULOUS shoe department at Macy's and find a pair for myself!!! What would they be? Something red and quite tall I would presume! Love that idea! I might have to steal it and take some of the girls to do the same thing! How fun!

Susan Lowery said...

Too fun - I wanna be there too!!!