Thursday, March 6, 2008

Getting back (a bit) to exercise.

I have got to get to training for my NM hike. Too soon, Cupcake will pick me and JJ up on April 25th to drive to the ADZPCTKO kickoff weekend I attend every year. I will be all packed up for my CDT hike as Cupcake will drive me and my hiking partner, La Zorra back to the beginning of our hike in New Mexico (We will leave on the Sunday at the end of the ADZPCTKOP weekend). I'm 12 pounds heavier than I've ever been before starting out on a long backpack, my body is untrained, AND I haven't planned a darn thing for this hike yet. It is time to make the hike a priority and stop letting everything else get in the way...... like car break-ins!!!!

By the way, JJ is a friend who is a PCT thruhiker this year. JJ will have already begun hiking north on the PCT and will hitch down to my house from the trail up Hwy 74 on the 24th, spend the night, clean up and EAT before Cupcake picks us up and we all drive down to the ADZPCTKOP weekend. Lots of hikers who will have started the PCT early will also find a way to get back down to this fun kickoff weekend held every year, for the last 11 years now.

Yesterday morning Katy and I recommitted to hiking the Bump and Grind hill, which is only 7 minutes from home, every Monday and Wednesday mornings at 5:30am. How easy it is to get back to a routine once I stop it for some lame excuse. I can't afford to make one excuse or I'll just make a ton more.

Katy and I both commented on how wonderful it was being out early enough to see the sunrising.On our hike we talked about how much better we feel the rest of the day when we have exercised early in the day. I, of course, forget how much better I feel during the day when I listen to my head, while I'm still under the covers, when it says to me, "It's too early to get can exercise later on (and then rarely do)."
This morning Ray and I took a 50 minute walk in our neighborhood. Look at the snow still in the San Jacinto mountains.

Off to get ready to drive in to the Book Study.

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Anonymous said...

Omigosh. I do love seeing my name in print, especially on your site. A runner friend once said, "There have been many days when I did not want to run, but none when I was not glad that I had." I envy your "bump and grind"! Check out the photograph of the PCT covered in snow on my site.