Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Two, no three, no four highs today.

First high: I have been on the site for a number of years now, always hoping I will reconnect with some old friends. Yesterday I received an email saying James Duncan had visited and checked out my profile on the site. Could this possibly be the same Jimmy Duncan that was my heartthrob at University High?......The same Jimmy that had the cutest 1957 T- Bird? The same Jimmy whose car long ago would be parked in our family driveway at the end of our late night dates....... the car that made my Dad nervous......the car that made my Dad remain standing looking out his bedroom window, until he saw his daughter get out of the car, heard the house front door slam shut, until he knew his daughter was safely home in her bedroom. Alone.

Great memories, first loves. I hope this is the same Jimmy. I am waiting back to hear. I responded with an email to James Duncan asking him what his first car was, before I open further communication.

James Duncan

Second High: I found Laurie Excell's photography website as a link on Scott Kelby's blog. I want to do one of her photography workshops....the workshops where we photograph bears in Alaska or Chase Storm to photograph. I now subscribe to her blog posts and can't believe her life and her photography.

Third High: Again, I found out about this photographer, Eddie Tapp on Scott Kelby's Wednesday Guest Blogger post. Every Wednesday Scott has a guest blogger. I am blown away by Scott's guests' essays and photos. Eddie's blog was another uniquely informative essay.

Fourth High: "My" teacher, Carol Leigh, you know the photographer I have been taking online classes and workshops with the last year and a half, is such an example for me. I follow her photography blog daily and can't believe her commitment to practicing what she teaches, her artistry, the daily commitment to exploring her never ending, unlimited talents. She just keeps practicing seeing and produces the freshest, most uniquely-her-own, work.

Life is good and thanks to all who contribute to motivating me to get more and more out of this good life.

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Katya said...

I just love reading your blog. You have a life!!!!