Friday, May 22, 2009

Another poem from Susan.

I asked Susan to write daily. She asked, "What would you like me to write on?". I responded, "I can't, we can." The following day I received her poem in an email.

I Can't, We Can
by Susan Alvarez
copyright 2009

I can’t stand the silence of my barely beating heart
We could talk about it and find a place to start
I can’t stand the anguish that flows inside my veins
We could stand together and find a way to change
I can’t stand the loneliness that’s here to grab my soul
We could grab each other’s hand, ask God to make us whole
I can’t stand the anger that’s torn into my life
We can walk together and get through any strife
I can’t stand the sadness it will take me away
We won’t let you wander, you cannot go astray
I can’t stand the emptiness it’s hollow like decay
We can fill that empty spot return the night to day
I can’t stand to tell you I’m dying deep inside
We can see the darkness just behind your eyes
I can’t stand to ask you, I need you oh so bad
We can help you through this pain, we’d be very glad


Side B said...

Wow, she really is talented. I am not a poem fan, but can read her writing any day - I really love it and it touched me deep.

Joanna said...

Beautiful, what a great message of hope in the face of so much pain.

akvirtue said...

that perfectly captures it.