Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Into self and out of self...in one day!

On my 6 am walk this morning, I found myself powerless over focusing on my shadow.

At 11:30am I picked up Be Hope at the Palm Springs airport (a current year PCT hiker who was getting back on the trail.) After lunch, after organizing and mailing off a Big Bear resupply box, and buying trail food and having a deli sandwich made (big enough to last for 2 dinners!), I drove Be Hope to the trailhead he had exited from when he had to go home and resume teaching his classes. Be Hope had started the PCT on March 11th. Personal matters will probably call him off the trail again, but hopefully not before reaching Kennedy Meadows.

Be Hope was filled with excitement. His excitement is contagious. I'd only met Be Hope a couple of months ago hiking into Warner Springs. I'd given him my card in case he needed help while on the trail nearby the Palm Springs area. Well, he called when he was ready and knew the date he wanted to get back on the trail. I offered to drive him back to the trailhead near the town of Anza.

He cached water on Hwy 74 and bought and left extra water for hikers where he got back on the trail at the Hiker's Oasis in Anza.

He was going to carry food from Anza to Big Bear. I suggested he let me pick him up at the I-10 frwy to spend the night, shower, clean his clothes and pick up the remaining food for Big Bear he left here once he knew he had me for his own personal trail angel.

Ray met Be Hope and was very impressed with what a nice man he was. I agree.

Happy Hiking Be Hope. You sure do know how to enjoy yourself.

I'm thinking of trying this pack out. Tailwinds used it and loved it. It's the Osprey Exos or something like that. I told Ray I wanted it and he said he'd buy it for me for our 19th wedding anniversary May 31st (Cupcake's birthday!).
There were 369 hiker's names listed so far for 2009.
Hiker's Oasis still has about 5 - 7 2.5 gallon containers of water plus 4 or 5 more gallons Be Hope left.
The smile on Be Hope's face made me smile. This man is happy to be back on the trail.

Be Hope is a trail name. It just dawned on me his trail name came from his real name.....Barney Hope.

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