Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gottago playing.

Five and a half days of dirt washed away in seconds. Aaaah. Cold but wonderful.

I couldn't wait to finish our NM section hike at the exact point where my trail partners, Cookie and Paul, and I missed taking the creek to Snow Lake and hiked up the wrong creek the previous year. Long before I arrived at this spot I knew I'd strip down and get in the water at the confluence of Gilita Creek and the Snow Lake outlet/Gila River. I also knew I was going to ask Tailwinds to photograph me (once I was clean) holding up this year's PCT Class of 2009 bandana.

At the end of each trail day after setting up my tent, I would spend the last half hour of light looking around for some camera playtime. I looked up and noticed my shadow (I can't pass up taking a photo of my shadow) and knew I liked how my shadow looked on this tree.

p.s. Today was the day I could shower and get my sutures wet. Getting clean is such an attitude adjuster on AND off the trail. I'm over feeling sad about my face being cut on and feel hopeful my scar will be barely noticeable in the near future.


pcthiker said...

I like this picture a lot more than the one in the previous picture. It is difficult for me to think of you being cut on. But the creek shot is a classic. Wonder if you will let me post it on oldmanwalking?

lamont said...

I assume the photo is the cover for "The Girls of PCT" calendar?

Susan Lowery said...

I love you in the creek!!! :)