Saturday, May 16, 2009

1pm lunch break below Mangas mountain on Day 2, April 29th.

(These two journal entries and photos from the trail would have been a lot more fun if they'd been sent from the trail. But what the hell, I'm kinda cute aren't I?)

Tailwinds spotted a cell station atop Mangas mountain so yesterday's journal will be sent off along with today's photo of me on our lunch break. Our elevation is 9268 feet. Being at this elevation takes my hunger away. Kinda.

Gotta eat now.

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akvirtue said...

dear linda, this is jessie, I got a black bear webkinz and I named it after you because you have the same one. did you see any on your hike?

akvirtue said...

Dear Linda,thank you for reading my blog. Do you like the story so far?

pcthiker said...

A tushplant break!