Saturday, January 10, 2009

What’s cooking?

(I see I need to learn indoor lighting. Don't like those hot spots from the flash.)

Chili is cooking here at our house. Last night Jerry, Sandi’s husband, called looking for Ray. I mentioned as a teaser that I’d be cooking up some chili tomorrow. I know Jerry is probably waiting for his call today telling him to come pick up the portion of chili I always give him. Jerry loves my Chili. So does Ray. Ray just came in from golf and woofed down his bowl before driving into LA to visit with his son Josh. (Josh, on leave from the Navy, was supposed to come for a weekend visit until his cold got the best of him.)
I call this chili Gary’s Chili. Gary was my second husband. I think making Chili was the only thing Gary cooked. I loved his chili and took over making it regularly. Everybody loves Gary’s Chili.
On the Saturday hike with the MHCC hikers last week, I mentioned I was going to make chili later that afternoon. Two other hikers asked for the recipe and they made chili that night. The next day I received two emails saying, “This is the BEST chili.”
Have I got your attention yet? Do YOU want the recipe AND a picture of the chili? Well, it just so happens I am going to present you with both.

Gary’s Chili

• 2 plus pounds of ground sirloin (or any kind of ground beef)
• 1.5 green peppers diced
• 1 large brown onion - chopped small (buy another onion for later in the recipe)
• 2 large cans (not the small ones) pinto beans
• 2 large cans (not the small ones) crushed tomatoes
• Spice Island’s Chili powder (I use about an inch and a half worth from the bottle) let the chili cook and see if your preference is to add more of the powder.
• Spice Island’s cayenne pepper – just a few shakes.
• Giuliano or any Hot nacho sliced Jalapenos – I dice up about 4 slices
• Mezzetta or any kind of Hot Chili Peppers – I dice up two peppers.
• Salt to taste – I add a little salt at the beginning and add more as needed at the end.

Brown up ground sirloin in large frying pan, breaking up the clumps into real small pieces as it cooks. I drain the cooking meat into a colander placed in the sink when too much liquid/fat accumulates in the frying pan. Return meat to frying pan and add chopped onions and diced green peppers and continue cooking all until meat is all cooked.
In large Dutch oven pot empty the 2 cans of pinto beans, 2 cans of crushed tomatoes, chili powder, cayenne pepper, diced jalapeno and chili peppers, and salt.
Add cooked browned ground sirloin, onion, green pepper mixture to the large Dutch oven pot and mix everything together well.
Bring pot of chili to a boil, stirring often to prevent chili from sticking on bottom of the pot and burning (like I have done a couple of times.)
Reduce heat to a simmer for a couple of hours, remembering to stir during the cooking.

After chili is cooked, Ray and I like to add the following to our bowls of chili:
• Finely chopped raw onion
• Shredded cheddar cheese
Also good on top is:
• Sour cream
• Cubed avocado

Ok, now it’s your turn to share one of your favorite recipes!


Katya said...

I love how you have the picture with all the ingredients, like a real cooking website. The chili looks marvelous!
Easy recipe:
Cauliflower, olive oil, salt & pepper.
Turn oven onto 400-425, cut cauliflower into medium flowerettes, in a bowl toss with olive oil, black pepper and salt. Put on a baking sheet and bake for @ 20 minutes until dark brown/golden. YOU will not believe, but it tastes amazing!!!!!

One more:
"Mashed potatoes"
Cauliflower, s&p, milk (1/4 cup), margarine (2 tbl spoons) , parmesan cheese

Steam cauliflower until soft. In a food processor blend cauliflower, milk, s&p, and margarine until mush. Put cauliflower in a ceramic which is ok to put in the oven, sprinkle with cheese. Put in the broiler for a few minutes until cheese gets a little crispy. Now you have "mashed potatoes".

Anonymous said...


This looks so yummy! I have a really good chili recipe as well. Actually it's award winning! Honest, I won a chili cookoff with it.

I've got a couple of recipes to share and will do so! I'm always look for good recipes to add to my book.