Friday, January 30, 2009

We spent last night at the Marriott in Woodland Hills. Over coffee in the room this morning I took out my camera and focused on Ray reading the newspaper. I snapped away and showed Ray the photos I'd taken asking him which photos he liked. "Don't put any photos of me on your blog." Well, if you would smile and look up at me, you'd like how you look in the photos better. He says, "You can't even see my eyes behind the glasses." I say you're right. Take your glasses off.

He did take his glasses off....partially. Much better photo Ray. Thanks!

Ray went to hit golf balls and I went for a walk outside the Marriott for an hour this morning. I used my fanny pack camera hoping to get a shot or two for the blog daily photo. First time I took my camera out to shoot a reflection in a tall building, a guard whistled at me. He then yelled out, No photos. That put a crimp in freedom. Further down the block I found some running water and that's what I focused on shooting. Nothing I shot looked like anything. The two photos below were the best of the lot.

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Tasty's Big Butt said...

Water looks as hard to shoot as leaves...btw, where's my carrot in the teeth picture? I thought for sure that would make your page! Way better than Ray and his groovy glasses!(heehee)