Friday, October 10, 2008

Yesterday's sunrise and sunset.

Kenny, Katie and Rick on our way up the Bump and Grind at 5:30am.

Rick and Katie.

Sunset taken on the I-5 near all the smelly cow lots.

I have been trying not to listen to the news. I don't turn on my car radio. I walk out of the room when Ray has the news on TV. I avoid reading the newspaper. It's the only way I seem to somewhat quiet my head and my heart.

I am on the road, headed to Half Moon Bay to meet Carol Leigh and 12 other photography students for a 3.5 day shoot for a book Carol is publishing depicting Half Moon Bay. Last night I stayed in a Holiday Inn Express 2.5 hours from Half Moon Bay. This morning I ate their complimentary breakfast in front of the large screen, high volume TV. I'm back in my room, with my friend, my computer, trying to numb out from the news of other nightmare day in the stock market. are a couple of photos I took yesterday. The first two I took on yesterday's morning Bump and Grind hike with 3 very special people. The last photo I snapped while driving on the I -5 last night.


Katie said...

Aww! I love those pictures!! Have a safe and very fun trip!
I love you,


lamont said...

LJ, thank you the reminder of "we avoid the manufacture of misery!" My belief: over the horizon, obscured by the noise of the opinions of the news commentators, great fortunes will be made by those who possess the traits of patience, prudence and clarity. (I sure hope I have those traits!!)
Have a great trip. LR