Sunday, October 5, 2008

Santa Fe Group Photos with our teacher, Carol.

At the end of our 3 and a half days of workshop shooting, Carol set us all up and evidently gave us very specific directions on how she wanted us to pose for a memorable group photo, directions I obviously didn't understand. I've included the email Carol just sent to us all regarding the photos she linked us to:

I put both versions of our group photo in my album. What I want to know is, who is that standing behind Chris? Notice, too, how Linda Jeffers did NOT put her camera up in front of her face. And notice, too, that she's the only one with her lens cap still on! Tsk, tsk! Carol de Leigh

Here is the email I sent back to Carol and the group:

Carol, > > Ok, ok. At the time I think I heard the hold your camera part up (of > your directions for the photo) but I think it must have been Lori's > fault that I missed the rest of those directions. Lori must have been > talking to me during the last part of the photo directions.. > know, when you might have said something like.... hold the camera up > to your face and hide your face for the photo AND don't forget to take > the lens cap off. Darn Lori. (just kidding of course.) > > I'd like files of the two group photos please Carol. I know you are > probably thinking...."RIGHT. After you screwed up my shot? I don't > think so." > Well, I sorry. Really. See, this is just another example as proof as > to why I never got good grades in school. I've always had trouble > hearing directions the way everyone else does. Some things never > change. Now do you feel sorry for me? > > Now may I have the two files of the group shots????? > > Linda

And part of Carol's email response back to me and the group:

Excuses, excuses. But I applaud your blaming Lori for your not following directions. That's something SHE would do to you, so kudos for one-upping her.


This is a fun group and I can't wait for the Half Moon Bay workshop next week.

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