Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A 5pm walk around MHCC.

I'm feeling better today finally. I had to get out for a walk and Ray was up for it. I hadn't been outside for two days except briefly when I stepped outside to watch Ray and his golfing buddies play their 3rd shots onto the 15th green around 11am. This is the best time of the year down here in the desert. I'd guess the temperature to be around 80, most snow birds haven't arrived in town yet and it's just balmy and quiet. Very relaxing.....Why I don't go outside more, I don't know. It was a heavenly 45 minute walk we had around Mission Hills Country Club.

I snapped off this shot during our stroll. Holding the Canon Powershot 650 steady was impossible but I like shadows and I wanted to remember this relaxing walk with Ray.

Tomorrow Ray and I drive in to the SFV. We'll be staying over in the Marriott and returning home after our Thursday night meeting. Tomorrow night Jim H. is speaking at PG and a number of us are going to hear him.

This weekend and maybe early Thursday sometime, I want to spend time outside with my larger camera and tripod. I haven't taken one practice photo since I left Half Moon Bay. I don't want to stop the discipline of looking for and shooting photos.

While I've been sick I've not wasted this precious stay home time. I have been reading and learning some of the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 software I recently purchased. I'm in heaven trying to learn this way cool data base file management software. To be able to rate and keyword photos for easy retrieval once you pose a request of criteria will save me so much time trying to find photos. I only wish Cupcake were here with me. He learns so fast and I learn from him as he explains what he is learning. It takes me so long to understand something. But when I see someone working with the program and they watch and help me work with the program, I learn best. Where are you Cupcake? I think I need to find someone local who will come and teach me weekly. Wouldn't that be great?

Another learning curve starts as Thursday Scottie will bring me my newly ordered Adobe Photoshop CS4 software that was just released this week. My Photoshop 7.0.1 is so old, old meaning behind in all the newest technology.

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