Sunday, October 12, 2008

Some photos from the last two days in Half Moon Bay.

Everyone in our class is here in town now. There are 12 of us students and our teacher, Carol Leigh. It's a good group.

At 2pm we met in Carol's room, discussed what we'd be shooting for the end product - a book representing Half Moon Bay. Thought I'd post some photos I showed today in Carol's room.


Susan Lowery said...

Great reflections, repetitions, stills - composition. I can really see that you're having a wonderful time learning!

Fabulous focus.

I love the pelican and the gull.



Cindy Faith said...

Wow Lind!

Unknown said...

Your photographs are really good. You have an excellent eye for capturing just the right image...
Thanks for sharing them!
aka GoSlowGoFar