Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sitting at Borders.

So Ray and I stayed at the Marriott last night. Now I'm at borders for an hour. I turned on my computer and couldn't get wireless internet at Borders. Hmmmm. Funny I couldn't get internet at the Marriott last night. When my computer asked me if I wanted to repair the problem while at Borders, I found my wireless radio hadn't been turned on. So, no wonder I wasn't getting internet last night. I wonder how the radio got turned off. It's always something. Glad it's not my new computer.

Went for a hike up killer hill in Tarzana this morning with Craig, Ray and Alex. Oh it felt great to be back at my old playground, the Santa Monica Mtns. I'm still not over my cold but I enjoyed getting the exercise. Had nice talks with both Craig and Alex separately. I love it when someone wants to come hiking with me. I miss hiking Killer hill with Tina and Cindy like we regularly did before Ray and I moved.

While at PG last night, we think Ray's car was broken into. The driver side door handle had some paint chipped from where someone attempted prying open the door. Today when I went to look for my small evening handbag camera I couldn't find it. Ray couldn't find his overnight bag either. I think the thieves were kids because two packs of gum and a bag of fire Jolly Rancher candies is missing too. We still aren't sure anyone actually got into the car as both our memories aren't great and Ray might have forgotten his overnight bag at home. I'd decided not to put the small camera in my evening bag last night when I got out of the car and remember throwing the camera back in the car. Maybe when I opened the door after the meeting the camera fell out. And lastly, maybe we finished off the gum and candies! Anyway, this is still a mystery to us that we are both missing things and there definitely is damage to the driver door.

In a half hour I'll meet someone at El Rancho to go through the Book. Then at 5pm I meet two other ladies to read more of Chapter 7. Tonight is Lena's 13th Birthday. I'll see Lena and other ladies for dinner at 6pm, then the meeting, and then home and back to the desert.

No photos today. Sigh.

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The Work Organizer said...

Lind, reading your blog is always fun. So glad I check it frequently. xoxox