Saturday, July 11, 2009

My buddy, LR.

My buddy Lamont and his family. L>R Travis, Rhonda (Lamont's wife who looks so young and cute she could be taken for one of Lamont's kids),
Lamont (ie LR), and Keagan.

Photo by unknown photographer

Sometimes you meet someone and wonder how you ever existed without them. For me that person is Lamont or I as I call him, LR.

Lamont and I met on September 6, 1997, in Sacramento, in the restaurant of a hotel where he and I and 8 other backpackers met up with 2 instructors to go on an 8 day High Sierra Wilderness Outward Bound trip the next day.

Since that first meeting, when I joined LR while he finished dinner that night in the hotel, I knew we had a special bond and connection. We stayed in contact following our Outward trip and have become the best of friends. Not only is he a wonderful friend, he is my ROCK. My life has changed enormously as the result of that fortuitous meeting.

Thank you my friend. Thank you for everything.

I love this photo of you and your family.

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