Friday, July 10, 2009

Photo for the day.

The sunset tonight got me out the door with my camera. But this was the shot I took.

I decreased the clarity slider in Adobe Lightroom 2 to create more motion with the water from the sprinklers.

Canon 70 - 200 at 200. 8pm on a tripod with self timer.


Susan Lowery said...

This is a great shot Linda.
Great patterning/repetition, composition - it pulls the eye across the photo - it's peaceful and pleasant and makes me want to know more about the location.



Tom / The Incredible Bulk said...

Hi Gottago,

Beautiful photo!

Do you ever shoot using film?

I am going to resume using my Nikon N90. With what I have learned recently, I want to see what it / i can do. I am holding off on purchasing a dslr for now. But when I do buy one, it will be Nikon because I have a few Nikkor lenses in the arsenal.

Take care,
The Incredible Bulk