Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hours trying to shoot a "blue" photo for my 1st photo class assignment.

I had trouble with dust, spots, scratches showing up on the glass of this blue vase I shot. I actually like the composition and color of the photo. I don't know how people shoot closeups without seeing all the dirt, scratches, smudges etc. (If you click on the photo to enlarge it you'll see what I'm talking about.)

I used a 100mm macro which just magnified all these flaws. I also had trouble getting the vase in focus while having the back ground pillow fabric out of focus. I wanted to get in close to my subject so using the 50mm lens was out of the question as the closest I can shoot with it is 1.5 feet.

I won't be submitting this photo for the blue lesson. It will go the way of the other 50 shots I took today......into the trash. I didn't get a photo I like, however I did get to learn more about what I don't want to do, what doesn't work.

So, like posting my high golf scores, I'll be posting my photo rejects. And, the keepers of course.

Practice, practice, practice seems to be the mantra in all areas of my life these days.

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Anonymous said...

Practice, Patience and Perseverance !!! My vocal teacher says those are the 3 P's I should rely on!!! just wish I could apply it in all areas of my life..!!!