Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A balmy night in the pool.

Katya arrived last night around 11pm. It was balmy outside when I drove to the front gate to let Katya in. I was tired, but the pool was beckoning me. Katya brought her overnight bag in the house and we walked right back out to the pool. I brought my camera out hoping to get a blog photo for last night's entry. But we had too much fun, taking photos, playing in the water (I taught Katya how to squirt water from hands clasped underwater) and chatting. After the pool, after posting to Facebook, after taking my pills, writing out my food for the day to send to Xochitl, I was too tired to blog. It was 1am and I had someone coming at 8:30 to do step work.

Katya worked for me today. The job? To clean out my clothes in 3 closets, organize the remaining clothes into summer and winter clothes, and make notes of what I need to buy to make more outfits with the remaining clothes.

Around 2pm, after all the closets and clothes had been worked on we went out to buy shoes. 10 pairs of shoes, plus one purse, in one hour! Katya is fast and good. I never feel comfortable in shoes. I never wear high heels. Yet today I came home with heels and comfortable shoes.

Katya is one hell of a great personal shopper and wardrobe organizer. This is the second time she has helped me with my clothes and the second time she has succeeded in making me a very happy person (not always easy to do).

I'm sure LR won't mind my spending the money I did today. Right LR?


Susan Lowery said...

You go girls!!!!!




lamont said...

ooops shoes check bounced!!