Thursday, December 11, 2008

Outside my dining room window!

I've started eating better recently. I sit down at the dining room table to eat. I don't read. I don't talk on the phone (much). I pay attention to the food as I'm eating.

Because I wasn't doing lots of other things while eating lunch I noticed out of the corner of my eye when the hawk landed on top of the umbrella. I couldn't believe it. A hawk right outside my window.

I have a dream of someday living in the wilderness (like some people I know) where the animals roam freely. I see myself sitting outside on the porch, with my camera and tripod set up, ready and excited to photograph the wildlife as they meander by.

Life is good.


Lane said...

What was for lunch?

gottago said...

You crack me up Lane. Your great sense of humor comes through loud and clear!

Watch for the great photo I will be posting of you and me soon.

I love you very much.

Hi to Nicole.

Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Hey. There is a place in the Marin Headlands, Hawk Hill. A great place to view raptors in September-November. Come up some time to see them! Great hiking there, and we could camp at Hawk Camp! Up Bobcat Trail.