Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A birthday gift to myself.

I took myself out on a date today. I packed up all my camera equipment, tripod and camera. I used a 70 -300 mm lens and shot photos of the migratory birds at the Salton Sea. I'm doing the Artist's Way by Julia Cameron and in Week 5 of the 12 week book I'm finally taking the time to go on the required weekly Artist date. I had a ball all by myself. It's funny how I had to talk myself into doing this too. I wasn't in the mood.

I've posted a couple photos (I took over 300).

I've also uploaded two videos from today.

I filmed a video when I first arrived at the Salton Sea and then a second video during the wonderful sunset about an hour and a half later. I know Lane, you don't like sunsets, but this one was really something. All alone, I found myself saying outloud, "Oh my god. The sky can't get any redder."

I hope I remember this the next time I feel too lazy to take myself out on an Artist's Date. I really never want to do anything, especially in the afternoon or night. But, invariably, when I do what I don't think I want to do, I have a great time. So....I don't need to be listening to my head anymore.

Check out the Salton Sea in the videos below.


akvirtue said...


Susan Lowery said...

I love your videos and photos.
it looks like a beautiful day was had.

Happy Birthday.



Anonymous said...

It is so fine to see San Jacinto and San Gorgonio in that perspective. You continue to keep southern California alive for me. Love you. J J