Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays to me from Susan L. and now, to you all.

I asked Susan L. if I could post her pictured Xmas card art for my Xmas day blog. I also asked if she'd fill me in on what inspired her thinking while painting her beautiful Christmas card.

Her response:
Regarding the Art:

As far as placement is concerned, I just wanted the character to be flying and for the tree and the fish to be free as well. The actual background is gold and yellow (like gold leaf or metallic) I chose that color of background because it's association with the divine and yellow being wisdom. The tree represents growth, yet knowledge beyond human years. The fish is a symbol of simplicity and considered to be the perfect creature - adapting to its environment, yet swimming in water which represents consciousness. The tree is not rooted. It is flexible and adaptable. Blue represents the throat chakra - expression; pink the heart chakra (as does green), green also represents growth, health, prosperity. The little "tendrils" represent life energy and how we are all connected to all things. In most of my work I make the tendrils of gold or silver - once again representing divinity.
These characters are all very playful with a multiple level message that is usually read simply by an attraction to color. Each color, each chakra, each tone (in sound/music) are representative of something in the realm of the divine. Usually all of these things are within the cosmic collective consciousness.



Thanks Susan.

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Joanna said...

Happy Holidays to you too, Love Joanna