Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our Saturday MHCC hiking group.

left side of group photo, rear to front: Roberta, Sandy, Karen and Carol.
right side of photo, rear to front: Frank, Ernie and Linda.
center of photo, rear to front: Ellen and Peggy.

We had fun. I was thrilled to see 8 hikers show up this morning. That made 9 of us on the Shannon Trail Loop hike. We deviated somewhat from the scheduled Shannon Trail Loop hike after the first two miles and hiked east toward Mt Murray before circling back north and northwest to return on the Araby trail by Bob Hope's house. We figure we hiked about 7 miles in the 3 and a half hours we were out there.

We were a very flexible group. Everyone was up for anything and everything suggested. Watching everyone chatting with each other made the hike for me. I don't know what it is but I enjoy getting people together and seeing everyone have fun. As I said, We had fun.

Come on out and hike with us Mission Hills CC Hiking Group members! Maybe watching the video will entice you to join us next Saturday. Hike to be determined, but you may count on there being a hike next Saturday, January 3rd! Look for an email.

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lamont said...

LJ, Looks like fun was had by all.