Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Vince, a man who will live on in my memory and heart forever.

Pat and Vince Y. (at Club Med in Turks and Caicos '08)
I received a phone call last night from Ray while having dinner with the ladies in Encino before the Baby Meeting. I took my phone and walked outside because I was stunned, saddened and heartbroken by the news that Vince had had a massive heart attack and died hours ago.

Vince touched my life in so many ways with his unique way of passing on his experience, strength and hope. When Vince spoke, I listened. I was a little afraid of him. He was a father figure to me. He knew so much about so many things.

Vince intuitively and in the most concise way, confidently and succinctly, would give me feedback that motivated me to take his suggested actions (actions that I'd not thought to take or was previously unwilling to take).

Vince helped me in so many areas with:
1. Seeing the truth about my spending $$$.....How I was spending money for emotional take me away from whatever I was feeling. (No one had ever or would even think to tell me to not use my credit card for 3 months before!!)
2. He got me to put down a cookie (nobody has ever been able to get me to put down a cookie!) he saw me eating outside Starbucks one night before the PG meeting after complaining about how unhappy I was with my obsession with food.
3. He asked me to call him everyday to report what exercise I was doing when I told him I was unable to get back into exercising again. If not for Vince's motivation, I would never have hiked the PCT.
4. Learning to be direct with my communication and not giving thought to what the other person might be thinking about what I'm saying.
5. To go to a person directly with a concern rather than make that person wrong, slander and resentment resent them.
6. Show up when I don't want to. Do what I might not want to do.
7. Being respectful to my husband by Vince's good relationship example with Pat.
8. Want to be more of service, to reach as many people as possible, sharing my experience, strength and help.
And, so, so much more.....

Vince leaves me with a wonderful legacy - The legacy of Love and Service.

In Vince's memory I will continue to honor my commitment to be of Love and Service.

My heart goes out to Pat, my friend, and Vince's wonderful wife.


Susan Lowery said...

Thank you Linda.

I will deeply miss him. He really changed my life. I will never forget the valuable lessons from finance class, the PG shows and his example in living a forthright life.



Anonymous said...

Thank you Linda for that beautiful reflection.

Even though having just met Vince a month ago, he touched my life. In the short period of time I had to spend with him, his spirit of love and service shown brightly. I will forever be grateful for our breakfast time together. My thoughts and prayers go out to Pat.

Vince, you will be missed.