Friday, February 8, 2008

Need Help. Undecided on submitting which 4 photos for Neon photo assignment.

Which ones would you suggest I submit?
#1 Hair shop.#2 Gentlemen's Club
#3 Show ticket sign
#4 Bike
#5 Car wash elephant
#6 Close up ticket sign
#7 Pickford Theater sign
#8 Red Rose Bar


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda!! Cool pictures....I like 2 & 3 because I like the fact that I can read what it says but also I like the dimensions,the colors, the shapes. You are rocking!! by the way the comments of your teacher in your last assignment were so good!!! it's great to have the opportunity to watch you enjoy your passion...lot's of love, Alex

The Work Organizer said...

5 & 6 are so lively and fun to look at. I like them best. I'm going to keep my comments that simple. Love you Lind!

Susan Lowery said...

Hi Linda,

#6 & #8 - simply put, GREAT!



lamont said...

gotta be the elephant...yo dumbo!

Anonymous said...

I had to come back to this. I'm going to take you at your word and give you the best feedback I can think of. But. I understand that I am not a critic, or even a good amateur photographer.

It seems to me that for this to be your art, rather than a photograph of someone else's art, your thinking should show through. In the hair shop photograph, when I first glanced it, I thought that a reflection would be a good technique, and I see that in the back of the shop. Very cool. How did you ever get that angle? And the ephemeral treatment you gave the fantasy world of "show girls" shows that same kind of artistic expression. I like the concentration of color and the razamattaz in the ticket sign closeup. And the Pickford sign is beautiful just in itself. A warm light. Those are my thoughts. Congratulations, Linda. I have been enjoying your learning for some time now. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Anonymous said...

Again, all beautiful pictures. My personal fav is the Elephant...must be because of my affinity for animals. But I really love the colors of the close up of the tickets sign. Looking forward to the critique.