Monday, February 11, 2008

Busy last week seeing lots of people I love.

Last Tuesday, Feb 5th, I drove in to the SF Valley with Sandi, Hannah and Katie. We had our first Baby Meeting at Milly's place. At the Baby Meeting we had our first ever teleconference where the out of town gals were on their phones and included in the meeting. Everyone enjoyed hearing from Andrea, Susan L. in New Mexico, Debbie A.
in Washington and Susan A in Montana. I only took two photos that night. Above is one of the two photos I took that night of Milly with Hannah and Katie.

Wednesday I was in the desert. Then Thursday Ray and I both drove to the SF Valley. Because I was picking Milly up and flying up to Concord, CA to attend my sponsor's 32 nd Birthday Brunch, I decided to stay over in the LA area rather than driving back and forth to the desert.

After spending the night with me and doing some morning work with Mike, Ray drove back to the desert. On Friday I met with Katya for about 7 hours in the Courtyard Marriott. Later I went over to Balboa Park to shoot some reflection shots before the sun set for one of my upcoming class assignments.

Saturday I picked up Milly and we fly up to Debbie's. Twenty three of her thirty five sponsees where present to celebrate Deb's 32nd birthday. Here is a photo of all of us. Debbie, my sponsor, is seated in front (in the RED outfit) and Milly, my grandsponsor is seated to Debbie's right.

After flying back to Burbank later Saturday night, Erica picked up Milly and drove her home while I went over to Alima's home 6 minutes from the airport to spend Saturday night and Sunday morning. Click here to see more photos I took of Alima's children.


akvirtue said...

Hi - this is Emily.

I'm glad we had a sleepover when you came to our house. It was fun sleeping next to you. It's good you don't snore like Mommy.

Next time you come over maybe we can play Webkinz together again. When is your birthday? Maybe we can get you a Webkinz for your birthday and then I can play you in Webkinz world.

gottago said...

Hi Emily,

I enjoyed sleeping with you and your mom too. I'm glad I don't snore. You never know you know. My hubby tells me I snore sometimes. Not too loud though.

Next time I come over I would actually like to try playing Webkinz. Do I only get 10 minutes to play too? tee hee.

I really enjoyed meeting you and your sisters. I don't know why I waited so long to come over. I hope we meet again soon.

A big hug and kiss to you.