Sunday, February 3, 2008

Kitchen Art - eggs

Kitchen Art - eggs, originally uploaded by gottagolinda.

I'm waiting quite impatiently for the critique on my 3 Kitchen Art photos I submitted for critique. My teacher didn't do any critiques over the weekend. I know because I checked my email for notification of my critique every 5 minutes.We students were sent out the lineup for Kitchen Art critiques and I am next in line for a critique on Kitchen Art.


Susan Lowery said...

Hi Linda,

I really like the eggs.
I agree about the burner shot.
The pasta, hmmmmm. I liked it. It might have been really interesting to have placed it on a underlit or glowing red/crimson transparent surface (keeping you initial surface color) - like a light table, and playing with the light above & below, almost like an undertone neon effect.

I love what you're doing.


The Work Organizer said...

You kitchen photos are fab! Love them. Once again, you're right... don't quit your day job :)