Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Salton Sea photo shoot with Carol.

This is Carol. She turned me on to the photo class. Carol takes all of Carol Leigh's classes all the time.I took about 300 photos while at the Salton Sea. I was using my telephoto lens when I shot this bird as he was catching his lunch! Well, brunch. It was about 10am. Carol and I had a ball the 5 hours we were shooting.

These two below are my favorites.


Joanna said...

Linda, These are beautiful, they look as if they were shot by a pro.

Susan Lowery said...

You rock!

I love these as well as the "Water Steps."



pcthiker said...

The brunch shot is teriffic. The reflection, the space in front of the bird's head. It's a wonderful picture. Action, yet peace.