Monday, November 12, 2007

Why I get up so early to hike.

Katie and I hiked again at 5am this morning. Boy do I like the everything-is-perfect feeling seeing the sun rise while I'm out exercising.

I get home around 640am and I have set the tone for the day.

I just need to remember this feeling when I don't want to get out of bed at 4am on Monday and Wednesday mornings.

I read other people's blogs. Here is a woman named Sasha who shares my belief and understands the value in writing/listing our thoughts.

Here is her blog:

This is what she says on her website about a book she just had published:
Why I Wrote this Book
I took on this project because I think reading other people’s to-do lists can have a bizarrely therapeutic effect. They help show us that everyone else struggles with basic items like “pay bills” (you can see it when an item recurs over and over again) and they show us how we all contend with larger issues too (like “find soul mate”). They give us access to hidden parts of others that we wouldn’t otherwise get to see.

Added to the right side of my site is a feed link to Sasha's current list blog: 110 Things I want to do before I die. (written in 1998 by someone)

Do you have a list?????

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pcthiker said...

No list yet, but making one might be a lot of fun.