Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Practicing Mindfulness

I'm so glad I didn't miss Riddle's trail art when I was hiking the PCT. Riddle would stop, take a break and create art out, like the 3 following photos, from whatever she found on the ground around her. Spotting each masterpiece was a highlight of the day.

This morning I stopped to photograph some local bump and grind trail art (certainly not up to Riddle's compositions). I really am trying to pay attention to all I pass by.

Halfway back down the hill we'd just climbed I said, "Look Katie, there are initials on the trail". She said that she'd she them the other morning. So, I had walked right by the initials without seeing them. Not good. But now I remember, it was at this point I was looking over at another hiker and talking about something. Yeah, that's it, I was distracted!

I'm home after the hike, sitting at my desk in front of the computer, and I glance up and notice this egret perched atop the willow tree in front of the lake.

I ran out with my tripod and camera fitted with a max telephoto of 200 and clicked away from various distances and positions. I stayed out on the golf course for a half hour hoping the bird would take flight. That is San Jacinto peak behind the bird.

What I learned from watching this bird for a half and hour was how little time I spend being still, just looking. I enjoyed myself. I hope I remember how fun this was.

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pcthiker said...

Egrets are so cool, and are one of the things I find most delightful about California. When Jeff and I left the Dipsea Cafe on Saturday and walked to Sausalito for the ferry, we came within 15 feet of a great egret. It was hunting. Turned to look at us as to say, "Can't you see what I'm doing here? Move on."