Monday, November 19, 2007

Off to Virginia Wednesday to be with my family.

The extended Dorothy and Saul Sher Family.
Top row- left to right: Linda Sher Jeffers, Don Sher, Colleen Huff (Don's wife), Ramsey Ramadan, Ginny Sher Ramadan, Walid Ramadan, Lena Ramadan.
Middle row- left to right: Lane Ahern (my son), Ray Jeffers, Leila Sher Ellliott, Dennis Elliott, Brett Elliott.
Bottom row- left to right: Josh Jeffers, Zane Ramadan, Jessica Elliott, Dean Ramadan, Matthew Elliott.


Top row, left to right: Jessica Elliott, Zane Ramadan, Ramsey Ramadan, Matthew Elliott, Lane Ahern.
Lower row, left to right: Brett Elliott, Dean Ramadan, Josh Jeffers, Lena Ramadan.

I have the best family anyone could ever want. I can't wait to see everyone. It's embarrassing but, off the top of my head, I don't remember how long it has been since we have all been together. I could go look it up but I'm tired and want to finish this blog entry.

My sons, Lane and Josh, unfortunately will not be with us this Thanksgiving. I just received an email from Lane tonight. Here is what Lane says about where he is and where he is going:
"Hey Mom,
I hope all is well with you and Ray. Everything is great here. We've been seeing lots of old friends and becoming quite adept at getting around Bangkok. Soon we'll begin our new travels. We're off to a part of Thailand we've yet to see, Nong Ki on the Mekong, and then back to Cambodia, and perhaps our first trip to Vietnam, before we come back to Bangkok to meet Nicole........"

Josh is in the Navy and last week took off on his first active tour of duty. Josh has probably arrived off the coast of Iraq. He'll be there for 7 months.

I miss my Mom and Dad. I know they would be thrilled to know their kids and grandkids are planning to spend Thanksgiving together. They wanted us to stay close together.

Every Thanksgiving, and this one is no exception, Mom and Dad head the list when it comes to my gratitude. Thank you , thank you Mom and Dad. For EVERYTHING.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome family photos Linda!

Have a grand Thanksgiving.