Monday, November 5, 2007

It's Monday night.

Contestants on Dancing with the Stars Click here if you are curious.

Again, the judges do not have it in them to be honest and direct with Jane Seymour like they can be honest with the other contestants. Jane has got to go.

I actually went on the website and registered so I could vote for Mel and Max and Helio and Julianne. You are allowed 5 votes. So I just kept voting between Mel and Helio. If I don't vote I really can't be mad at the results.

Last week on the drive into LA, in the beginning of a conversation with LR, he said, "I'm glad to see you are getting so interested in current events." I said, "What are you talking about?" He mentioned the anger and disgust I showed in last Tuesday's blog when I wrote on Sabrina's leaving Dancing with the Stars.

Why is this show so addictive? I love Monday nights and Tuesday nights. Because I get to watch the dancers and get mad at the judges. Maybe I like watching Dancing with the Stars because I can legitimately get mad. I rarely ever get mad anymore. Maybe I just miss justified anger.

Ray is going to tape tomorrow night's results show as I'll be in LA at the S.F. meeting. Will I be able to stay up and watch the show when I get home at 11:15 tomorrow night? Or will I wait until the next day and savor every minute well rested and clear headed for the next bout of justified anger, that dubious luxury or normal men!

p.s. I went outside to the back patio for a half hour with my camera just to practice. It was a waste of time. I hated all the shots I took. But just so I can have some before and after (a photo class) shots, I'm posting something from the shots I took.


Joanna said...

Linda, I think this shot is good...the afternoon light is beautiful!

pcthiker said...

Hey gg,

Why did you hate each one? Knowing that might lead you somewhere interesting. Let me tell you a couple of the things I like about the shot you posted. (1) color - the yellows, greens, and pale blues; (2) - the depth, from the closeup cactus, mid-distance trees, distant mountain. You must be getting better if this is a throwaway. Have fun!