Friday, November 23, 2007

My sister Ginny and Walid's house has a story. Built in 1851, Gin and Walid purchased their second home in Sept. 2005. They are the 18th owners.

How the house got its name.
A union gunboat fired on Pop Castle in 1861 when pursuing Confederate troops on the house’s grounds. It is believed that when one of the Union boats fired upon the house one of the canyon balls entered through the upstairs bedroom. It was then a sailor on deck shouted, “We popped the Castle.”

This plaque is located on the front of their home.

Current view of home from dock.

While touring the Steamboat Era Museum in Irvinton, Virgina - 5 minutes from their home, I took this photo of Ginny and Walid standing in front of "The Bay At War" exhibit. This is THEIR home in the exhibit.

Artifacts in Ginny and Walid's garage that were discovered in a dig on their property and passed on down with each owner of Pop Castle.(see the canonball?)

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