Sunday, February 15, 2009

Karen's first 5 K race!

Karen spent the night last night. She got up early and drove out to the start of her 5 K race in Palm Springs.

When she arrived home sometime after 9am she was smiling, holding her race number and exclaiming, "I ran a 33:36 minute first 5 K!"

Bravo Karen.

I remember the days when racing was all I thought about. I asked Karen to sit down and share every detail from the beginning when she arrived at the race, including her thoughts and feelings during, to the finish. She didn't walk a step. After the first mile, she knew she could do the remaining two miles. She wasn't even tired at the finish.

It was so much fun watching and listening to Karen talk about her race as she realized how much more she can do than she thinks she can do. Boy, do I relate.

She's already got her second race, The Great Race of Agoura Hills, a 10 K picked out and even a possible marathon (before the end of the year!).


akvirtue said...

Yea Karen!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Linda for opening your home to me and allowing me to share this experience with you. You are a huge inspiration to me!
I love you!

lamont said...

good job for Karen!! LJ,possibly you could consider running the
10k with her. Then if the 10k goes well, next would be a 1/2 marathon then the full marathon. You may not know but running outfits have gotten very high tech/fashion with running skirts etc. Karen's excitement could be yours!! LR