Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A couple of photos for you and my SON, Lane.

Lane called tonight. What a great talk we had. He called because he knew something was up with me. I hadn't blogged for the last 5 days. He figured it was computer related problems. He was correct.

So, to please my son, and you readers, I am posting some daily shots I had taken and intended to post as blog photos. They're not master pieces, just my life.

I'll start with a zoo photo I took:

The afternoon of the Academy Awards, not having seen one of the nominated films, Ray and I went to the movies and saw Slum Dog Millionaire. The movie was great. But what was really great was this was the first time Ray and I went to the movies and did NOT eat popcorn. We actually ate lunch and then went to the movies (on a full stomach). I never understood why people went to movies after eating a meal. I always thought the point of going to the movies was to eat popcorn. You don't eat the meal, saving the calories, and load up on the refillable popcorn. I couldn't imagine going to see a movie and just sit there with my hands in my lap.

Sitting there with my hands in my lap before the movie actually started was difficult, so difficult I took out my pocket camera and started taking shots of the theater to record our first ever movie without popcorn. Mind you, this was a big deal. I'm not sure I can do it again. But we DID do it once.

This shot was taken last night as I was driving over to Sandi's to pick her up before our 6:30pm meeting. I was a few minutes late to pick up Sandi. I stopped and clicked off two photos. This red sky was not going to go unphotographed by me.

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lamont said...

I just read some of Tailwinds trail journal from her 2008 PCT trip. Great reading and admirable writing skill. Liked the part of her selling her house and living on a bicycle with a backpack.
Carefree reading after stress filled days. Thank you for posting the link.