Thursday, November 6, 2008

We're five, we're five. We're big girls now we're five.

I know this is gross but I felt it was only fair I post Stacy's photos of me in the bathroom at the Getty. I was sitting there totally relaxed, blowing my nose, when Stacy's camera and flash appeared under the stall partition and took me by surprise.

Stacy got this shot of me during our camera war. We hurt from how hard and long we laughed during this child play.

Just before leaving the Getty Museum I took this video with my blog in mind. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh Linda! I was crying again, I was laughing so hard. That's wonderful "fair play" from you to post the other photos from our potty stop. You look so cute and relaxed...oh, and so unsuspecting... blowing your nose. And the video just made me laugh and remember what a fun day it was. I'm looking forward to more additions to Cultural Day next month!

Susan Lowery said...

What a great time, I wish that I could have shared it with girls!

Keep up the great fun and special
connections - it's wonderful.

I love you.