Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Linda, "Go look at the moon out front."

Ray had just returned from Trader Joe's, when he told me to go outside and look at the beautiful moonrise, still rather low in the sky. I went out with my Canon 40D and tripod to see if I could for once capture the moon with some detail as opposed to capturing it all blown out and overexposed as I usually do.

Not only is exposure a problem for me, but the moon and clouds are always moving even though I can't really see the movement. So I tried to shoot with the fastest shutter speed I could and still have the moon exposed correctly for detail. While in Mammoth trying to shoot the moon, I got frustrated and gave up. But last night I actually got some detail in the moon with the 28 to 200mm lens I was using.

I'd read that shooting the moon when it is closest to the horizon line (rising or setting) helps in generating a sharper image. By the time I finally fiddled around with all my equipment, the moon was much higher in the sky.

Color over Mt San Jacinto.

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akvirtue said...

Leo looks so peaceful - he's already a smart boy. He's thinking "I better be good - this is the one that is going to SPOIL ME!"