Thursday, November 13, 2008

Walk Around the Block after am Xizer class.

I walk home from the Xizer class at the fitness center here. I look for photo ops. The light is beautiful at 7:30am but everything looks the same here in Mission Hills CC. So I'm forced to look for the shot within what I'm looking at. Not something I'm good at, but I want to get better. Cupcake had told me when he was in school one of his photo assignments was to take a photo every 10 steps. Hmmmm. Some day I will try this but not on Thursday mornings when I need to get home to prepare for heading into LA around noon.

This mornings' best picks. Other shots I liked, but haven't posted, were out of focus. They don't look out of focus to me until I look at them in an actual size view option in Photoshop.
This top shot is soft (out of focus).

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