Monday, November 10, 2008

Sunday wedding.

Our golf pro here at Mission Hills CC got married Sunday. Jim was so happy. Here is a photo of Ray and Jim.

At the reception, I knew no one. I felt weird. Ray started to feel sick and was in the bathroom. I didn't know what to do with myself as all these way too young "beautiful" people were joyously mixing and mingling with each other. Then I remembered Katie telling me her friend Kenny would be playing at a wedding at Mission Hills CC. I went over to some band players beginning to set up and asked if there was a band player named Kenny here. They said, "Yes." They pointed me in the direction of where Kenny was playing the piano for the wedding guests.
Ahhhh. I felt ok when I saw Kenny seated at the piano, looking so professional and very handsome. (I later learned that Tami had cut his hair the day before.) Kenny looked great. Below is a black and white photo of Kenny at the piano. (I turned this color photo into a black and white as the color photo had too much noise since I had forgotten to turn the ISO back from 800 where I had turned it to shoot photos earlier in the dark church.)

Below is a 3 minute video of Kenny playing.

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