Monday, September 22, 2008

Santa Fe Photo Workshop photos I showed while still at our workshop.

Our days are full, fun, and I'm learning SO much. Our teacher Carol Leigh and her husband Chris create an incredibly enjoyable learning experience. My fellow students are interesting, talented and great people to be around.

I love learning. I don't like that I have to sleep (there is so much I want to do once I get back to my room!). But I do need to go to bed, so that's it from me. Except, I miss you Ray.

I was so surprised with the good feedback I got on my photos. Everyone applauded after my review! I was told my weakest photos were the orange flowers and the wheel. I agree.


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! this pictures are AMAZING!! you ROCK!!! my favorites 1-2- &8!!! Love the clouds on 1!! anyway
I MISS YOU..........

Susan Lowery said...

Great job Linda!



Anonymous said...

Amazing photos!!! I'm glad you are enjoying your class. Miss you!

Lane said...

We all miss you out here at the ranch. You photography is getting noticeably more professional, keep up the good work, and don't forget to keep your freak on.