Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The 2nd Annual Slumber Party!

Sixteen of us spent from noon Saturday to noon Sunday together! It was a wonderful gathering and I thank all the ladies who made this such a wonderful 24 hour celebration. I just wish I'd felt better.

The photos are much better than they appear. Next year I WILL know how to show the movie video and a TV showing of these still photos.

Cindy had her own slide show of the 24 hours.


Joanna said...

love it! brought back good feelings, thanks again for a nice weekend, hope you are feeling better, love you..Joanna

Joanna said...

Linda, after watching this a second time, I am filled with gratitude and feel so fortunate to be a part of this family...thank you for creating a safe haven...

Cindy Faith Swain said...

Love it! Thanks Lind.

Anonymous said...


Amazing pictures. Thanks so much. Can't wait till next year!!!!!!!!!!

Love ya,


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,

I am glad to know you are feeling better and the news from the Dr. was good. I love you and had a great time at your home, again thank you for having all of us.