Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Monday night.

It was Sandi's birthday so she took me out to dinner at the Daily Grill last night. We finished dinner with time to kill before the meeting so we strolled Paseo and checked out the new Gucci store. Mistake.
I don't know why I'm spending tons of money with the market the way it is. But as LR can vouch for my spending, I am. The sales lady at Gucci informed me the bag I bought for far too much money, is not a fanny pack....it is a belt purse! So now I have a pretty new belt purse for all the clothes I bought with Katya last Saturday.

At the meeting following dinner, Katie was doing her greeter commitment and I asked her to come outside so I could take a photo of her. Wow, does she look smashing or what!


Unknown said...

That's 3 perty ladies :) Katie, you're hot!

lamont said...

lj, possibly time to take pleasure in economic restraint?

Unknown said...

I like that Lamont,... economical restraint. I'd like to have that problem :)