Thursday, August 7, 2008

Photos from Woods Lodge during Week One in Mammoth.

I'm in a Starbucks in Mammoth and have my computer with me (of course), so thought I'd post a few photos. We are having the time of our lives up here.

View from our apartment over Woods Lodge of Crystal Crag, Mammoth Crest and Ducks Pass to the left. We stay in this very small, one room, apartment the first week. We love the view but find living in one room a bit confining. Don't get me wrong, we still love being here.

Ray took this photo of me trying to get closeups of the birds we feed on our balcony. Each morning we wake when we wake, usually around 6:30am, have coffee, read a spiritual reading out loud from Simple Abundance, have oatmeal, read and then go for a hike (after we've had enough lazying around most of the morning!!!)

This was unreal. I was taking photos of the Lodge (last picture below) when out of the corner of my eye, I see something moving to my right. I look and it's a light brown, small, bear. He looks at me (we are 10 feet away from each other), I look at him. He turns back to look ahead of him as he continues to the other side of the Lodge.

I follow him with my camera. I'm so excited, most of the photos I took are blurry. But I got this photo of the bear climbing over a fence while another vacationer was in a chair outside his cabin reading not very far from the advancing bear. The man doesn't see the bear. I yell, "Hello!" The man looks up from his book and immediately begins to run backward with his chair in his grasp and his eyes and mouth wide open indicating he couldn't believe what he was seeing. Obviously he was scared to death. I wonder what he thought of me moving closer and following the bear with my camera?

Ray and me near the top of Mammoth Crest after our hike yesterday. We both feel the altitude. Ray is doing great. I'm thrilled he is hiking with me.

This is the view looking north from the top of Mammoth Crest, 2+ miles up the trail from our cabin. LR.....Like the view of the Minnaretts, Ritter and Banner?

This is one of the photos I took that I might submit for the September photo class assignment #1 on Walls, Windows and Doors.

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lamont said...

Thank you for the photos of Ritter. I am sooo freakin envious of your time in the Sierras.